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About Us

Cultural Association for Mass Education and Liberation (CAMEL) has grown from a small organisation working in a few villages of Sullurpet and has become one of the better known and respected Non Governmental Organisation in Nellore District. This achievement has been made possible mainly due to the unwearying support of Andheri Hilfe-Bonn who has for the past 20 years been a pillar of support and helped CAMEL to grow to its present stature. Other Donor Organisations such as AFPRO, Terre-des-homes-Volkswagen-Germany Tdh (G), Save the Children Fund – Britain, ActionAid, and Care-India along with Central and State Government funding and development organisations such as NABARD have also provided our NGO funds and have been instrumental in the growth of this Organisation. Guided by a Governing Body that comprises of eminent and committed professionals and social workers CAMEL has been striving to bring about the desired change in society...


CAMEL aims to achieve a just and gender equitable, classless society; where men and women will be politically, economically and socially empowered through sustainable, collective and effective grass-root level leadership.


Creating awareness among the target communities about their rights and by making the poor to participate and take responsibility in all activities from the planning stages onwards and thereby empower them to make relevant decisions that can change their lives and protect, enhance and improve the quality of their life, in a sustainable manner with the main focus on women and children of the economically backward and excluded communities of our target groups.

The Philosophy :

CAMEL believes that poverty alleviation and empowerment of the “Poorest of the Poor” namely the Daliths, Tribals, Fisher-Folk and other economically weaker and backward communities such as the Gouds, Yerukulas and Yadhavas, will be effective only when it is Collective, Effective and Sustainable. The Organisation aims at Influencing and changing the lives of the target communities and enabling them to alleviate their poverty situation by waging a constant struggle against illiteracy, ignorance and lack of awareness of their rights. CAMEL is especially concerned with the plight of women and children of these communities who remain at the lowest rung of the ladder and are the most discriminated against....