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Activities / Programs Implemented
  • I. Project for the Empowerment and Development of Dalith and Yanadhi Tribals.
  • II.Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Programme(APCBTP)
  • III.Project for the reduction of incidence of HIV/AIDS among Migrant Population.
  • IV.Formation of Farmer Clubs
  • V. Tribal Development Fund/Maa Thota Program
I. Empowerment and Development of Dalith and Yanadhi Tribals:

With support from Andheri Hilfie, Germany, CAMEL implemented the Project of “Empowerment and Development of Dalith and Yanadhi Tribals” in 25 selected Dalith villages and 22 Yanadhi tribal villages in Naidupet, Chittamur and Pellakur Mandals of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. The Dalith and Yanadhi tribal population are lagging way behind the general population in Social, Economic, Political and Cultural aspects and with proper motivation, education and sustenance support these target communities can be put on par with other communities in all aspects of life. 6 Community Organizers along with 1 Coordinator working for this project have been trained in different aspects to successfully implement the programmes of this project.

Monthly work review, planning and Training:-

The project personnel need to be capacitated to perform their duties & responsibilities effectively in the field and in this regard the staff members meet at Head office for 2 days every month. The first day is for the review of the work done in the field and the Coordinator and project director are present to assess the work done in the past month. On the second day; a training cum planning session is conducted and if needed resource persons are invited to undertake the session. The staff personnel are given inputs on aspects relevant to the issues of the community such as different Government initiatives for development, and other such information through which we hope to build up the capacities of the personnel and who in turn will build the capacity of the target community.

Village Level Sangham Meetings:-

CAMEL personnel conduct Sangham meetings every month in each of the target villages for the Women, Adolescent girls, Youth and Child Clubs to educate them about various aspects related to their development such as strengthening their CBOs', health education, vocational skill development trainings, leadership qualities, village development activities such as NREGS and Natural resource management. Similarly the community is educated on how they can access their entitlements such as Job cards, Pensions for old people, widow’s and physically challenged from the Government.

Mandal Level Trainings:-

CAMEL has conducted Mandal level training programme for leaders of the CBO’ and cumulatively 259 representatives of youth leaders, 409 representatives of adolescent girls, 96 representatives of thrift groups and 267 leaders / representatives of women Sangham. These training are conducted to educate the community about NREGS, self employment opportunities, Government schemes, Right to information, right to education, human rights, women rights, Child abuse, child marriages, untouchability & atrocities, land issues, burial ground issues act, health care, personal hygienic, vocational and skill development training, child marriages, SC & ST’s sub plane, child rights, domestic violence, village level sanitation, role of Gram Panchayat, Mandal Praja Parishad, ICDS schemes, thrift concept, accountability and maintenance books of accounts.

  • - Community Organisation and Training leading to the formation of Community Based Organisations and federating them to increase their scope and coverage to solve their problems and issues.
  • -Motivating them to adopt thrift and credit measures that will help them escape the debt traps of money lenders and vested interests.
  • -Promoting Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift and Credit Societies that link them to Financial Institutions and provide them micro credit facilities to women because financial empowerment can lead to improvement in the quality of their lives. as of today (2014) CAMEL Mahila MACTS Limited has 7580 members with a total savings of Rs. and cumulatively loans have been disbursed to 16,921 members who have availed Rs.
  • -Creating awareness of the government’s development measures that can alleviate their poverty situation and help them to access their entitlements.
  • -Promote Disaster Management Awareness that will increase their coping capacities given the fact that that coastal Andhra Pradesh is perennially affected by natural calamities such as cyclones and floods and often leaves the weaker sections battered and traumatised. CAMEL has helped hundreds of families from the weaker sections to construct disaster resistant houses.
  • -Creating awareness regarding the importance of adopting natural resource conservation measures for a sustainable future and enabling them to increase their income generation capacity by making optimum use of their land and other natural resources. CAMEL is presently implementing the Andhra Pradesh Tank Management Programme sponsored by the A.P. Government and promoting the Maa Thota Project that is sponsored by NABARD under its “Tribal Development Fund“Project.
  • -Educating them of their Right to Land, Legal Aid against discrimination and atrocities, Women’s Rights, Evils of Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Child Rights, Child Abuse, Child Labour and overall the Need for Gender Equality.
  • -CAMEL aims to achieve its goal and objectives by education the target communities through meetings, training programmes, discussions, interface meeting with officials of line departments and cultural activities.